Your money in order... Coin on coin.

DinDini is both an android budget app and an online web application to manage all your money and record all your personal and business financial transactions. Its strength is its simplicity since it does not use the double-entry and therefore do not require any experience in accounting.

Multi-user is allowed in the license therefore you can share your account with other people (your family, other members of your company), so that everyone can contribute to the in - out management. You can use a tag to distinguish transactions made by different users, if desired.

The power of DinDini is the ability to assign each transaction any number of tags. These tags are fully configurable by the user and have a hierarchical organization. At first use it is provided a set of commonly used tags to meet the needs of most users. Thanks to tags you create graphs that allow you to analyze your income and expenses over time.

DinDini document management is a valid substitute to the management with Word and Excel of invoices (pro-forma invoices, quotes, orders, etc.) of a freelancer or a small business.

All your data is saved in the cloud, so there is no need to backup.

Try now DinDini with the demo environment by clicking at the top on Try now, no registration is required simply sign in with the user and password specified. Hurry up it is free!


The safety of DinDini is guaranteed by the protocol HTTPS as you can control in your browser. This means that everything you post in DinDini travels over the network in encrypted form, thus protecting your privacy.


To find answers to your questions, please visit this page Help. Here you will find the FAQ and references to contact DinDini via Facebook. Feel free, we will reply within 24 hours!


In the table Accounts you create the accounts you want to track. Bank accounts, credit cards, debit cards and cash.
With Transactions you manage the movements of money from one account to another, the income and expenses. You can export them in Excel file format
In Future Transactions you register the payments that you will make and future revenues.
In Balance you can check if all adds up. Compare the statement of the bank account and your cash with your input in DinDini.
The graph Incomes Expenses offers a powerful statistic on your earnings and expenses according to type.
The graph Asset shows the progress of your money over time.
In Documents you can create Quotes, Invoices, pro forma invoices and all types that you will define. You can print them as PDF with your logo and send them via e-mail.
In People - Companies you create your own master data of customers, suppliers or other parties, which are the recipients of your documents.
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The graph Tags groups your income and expenses based on the tags you've assigned to each transaction.