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Terms and conditions for using DinDini

Scope and subscription use

These terms and conditions govern the rights and obligations regarding the use of DinDini services related to dindini.it web site and homonymous app.

The subscription gives the customer (i.e. the legal entity that has subscribed, also called user) the right to use the system of financial management, accounting and document DinDini (hereinafter "the System").

The subscription, under the responsibility of the customer, can be shared with family members for the full management of the family budget, or with members of their own company if DinDini is used to manage its revenues and expenditures.

Acceptance of the terms and conditions of service

By subscribing to services from DinDini, you agree to the conditions set out in the current page.

Duration and expiry of service

DinDini is free during the service launch phase. If at that stage the service is not used for 30 days, i.e. the last inserted transaction is older than 30 days, all entries and the registration to the service itself, are automatically deleted. When it will be activated for a fee, will be communicated to users with a month in advance the new economic conditions. The user can decide whether to subscribe to the service or cancel your membership by writing to info@dindini.it.

After the launch phase for new users the first 30 days are free.

After the free trial you can purchase the number of months (blocks of 30 days) to use the service. Payment is made in advance and the customer is not entitled to a refund of the purchased monthly, as with the free 30-day trial implicitly stating that the system complies with its expectations.

The expiry of the free trial period or the end of the purchased months of use, the user input data into the system will be retained for a period of 30 days after which, in the event of non-renewal of the service, are permanently deleted.

Without prejudice to any other rights or remedies available, DinDini will be authorized to immediately cancel the subscription to the service without notice to the customer in case of misuse of the system, including, without limiting purpose, use or processing of the data by of other people or organizations.

Invoice feature

DinDini with the Documents functionality makes it possible to create invoices in PDF format, which can be sent via e-mail as an attachment to the receiver set.

Stability and business continuity

DinDini strives to provide the highest possible level of stability and business continuity, but it is not responsible for any suspension of service caused by factors that are beyond its control.

These suspensions include, without limiting purpose, power outages, errors occurring in modem equipment, ADSL connections, in telecommunication connections, etc.

In all cases DinDini is working to restore normal operation as quickly as possible.

System maintenance

DinDini has the right to make operational changes to the system for the purpose of improvement or for other reasons (for example, by developing or replacing technical equipment, through maintenance or updating software) without notice to the customer.

In some circumstances it may be necessary to suspend access to the system, usually in the timetable between 21:00 and 7:00. DinDini will not be responsible for the consequences of such suspension.


The system is protected by copyright and is wholly owned by Giovanni Quarella.

Except as planned before, the rights and obligations under this Agreement may not be transferred to third parties without the prior written consent of the other party.

Responsibility of DinDini

DinDini has implemented reasonable measures to ensure that the system is free from viruses, nevertheless there is no guarantee that the system is free from infection by viruses or similar and DinDini shall have no liability, if it is not the case.

To the extent permitted by Italian law, DinDini denies any relation to the system warranty, whether express or implied, including, without limiting purposes, the implied warranties of suitability or fitness for a particular purpose.

DinDini will not be responsible for third-party solutions that are available and / or integrated into the system, including synchronization systems and calculation of bank information and data relating to the currency. Therefore DinDini will not be liable for the accuracy, completeness, quality or reliability of the information or results obtained through these third-party solutions.

Similarly DinDini is not responsible for the availability, safety and functionality of third-party solutions, including any damages and / or losses that may arise from the use of third-party solutions.

DinDini will not be liable to the customer for any loss or damage caused (including business interruption) directly or indirectly, except the case in which such liability may not be lawfully excluded pursuant to applicable law.

Except in case of death or personal injury caused by negligence of DinDini, its employees, agents or authorized representatives, so they are not covered limitations, the responsibility to DinDini will be limited to the lesser of the value of payments made by the customer for the period of 12 months before the occurrence of the incident which gave rise to liability and the sum of € 1,000 (one thousand euros).

Data protection and privacy

The customer confirms to be authorized to give instructions to DinDini to process the information and that all instructions will be legitimate from a legal point of view.

DinDini is bound by confidentiality on all the information received by the customer and will not disclose such information to third parties, except when they are required by a court or other regulatory authorities, and if so, only to the extent necessary.

DinDini has put in place the necessary organizational and technical measures to prevent the system information should be accidentally or illegally destroyed, lost or wasted or to prevent such information comes into the possession of unauthorized parties or being used improperly or treated otherwise contrary to the Law on data Protection.

Complete Agreement

These terms and your subscription contain the entire agreement between the parties and supersedes all previous correspondence and communications, both written and oral.

DinDini may amend these terms and conditions, depending on what is required from time to time provided that DinDini supplies to customers in writing at least 40 days prior notice of any such amendments. In this case, these amendments will enter into force at the next renewal subscription.


These terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Italian laws and the Court of Brescia shall have exclusive jurisdiction to decide about any dispute related to these terms or the object of the same.


DinDini reserves the right to assign this contract at any time and without notice. The customer expressing its acceptance, allows advance and unconditionally, to the sale. The customer may not assign any of its rights or obligations under this contract.

Cancellation of your account

You can at any time request the deletion of your account by sending an email to info@dindini.it. Please kindly indicate the reasons and the possible competing service chosen.

Privacy Policy

The data entered at registration

Source of personal data

The personal data possessed by DinDini are collected from the person concerned at the time of the personal data provision in the fields on the web form.

Aims of treatment

The personal data are processed for the following purposes: a) fulfillment of obligations under the law, regulations or legislation; b) functional activities performed by DinDini, made via email such as newsletters to notify additional features or maintenance. Each person concerned is therefore entitled to refuse or revoke, at any time, their consent to the treatment, without adverse consequences in the relationship and / or to perform services requested by you before withdrawal.

Data processing mode

In relation to the purposes described in the previous paragraph, the processing of personal data are processed using manual, computer and data with logic strictly related to the above and in any event so as to ensure the security and confidentiality of the data.

Categories of data subject to processing

In relation to the purposes described in the previous paragraph, DinDini processes personal data other than "sensitive" and "judicial".

Categories of persons to whom the data may be communicated

Your personal data may also be released, if requested, to the Competent Authority in the legal / legislative matters in accordance with current regulations. The data processed by DinDini are not subject to disclosure.

Personal rights

We also inform you, that the legislation on protection of personal data gives interested parties the opportunity to exercise specific rights. In particular, the user can get:

a) confirmation of the existence of data concerning him, even if not yet recorded, and their communication in intelligible form;

b) information about the origin of personal data, the purposes and methods of treatment and the logic applied in case of processing with the aid of electronic instruments;

c) indication of the identity of the owner, the manager and the persons or categories of persons to whom the data may be communicated or who can learn about them;

d) the cancellation, anonymization or blocking of data processed in violation of the law and the updating, correction or, when interested, integration of data.

Applicants may also object, for legitimate reasons, the processing of personal data concerning him.

Requests referred to in the preceding paragraph may be submitted in writing to DinDini through e-mail message sent to the box info@dindini.it.


The email address at the time of the DinDini newsletter is used only for sending e-mail with news.

You can cancel your subscription to the newsletter via the link at the bottom of the email. If you cancel your subscription to the newsletter, we will retain your e-mail address to ensure that you will not receive our newsletter.

Protection of personal data

The personal information we collect is stored in a secure environment and treated confidentially. Access to this data is restricted to DinDini employees and selected suppliers.

We do everything possible to protect your data in the best way possible, but we can not guarantee the security of your data during transfer over the Internet. When data is transferred over the Internet there is a risk that other people can have access to them unduly. In other words, the security of data transfer falls within your responsibilities.

Your data will not be disclosed to third parties without your consent, unless the government authorities did not explicitly.

Owner of the Data Privacy

Eng. Giovanni Quarella, Piazza Luigi Buffoli 7, 25127 Brescia - Italy.

Cookie policy

For details on cookie policy, see the dedicated page relative to all of the available owner sites here: Cookie Policy.

Unprotected content

The content you post (photos, links, texts, etc.) while using the Facebook page are publicly available and are not included in this data protection statement.

As a user, you are responsible for your submitted content. We can decide to remove content you post behind your request, but we keep the right not to remove content that has already been published.

Conditions of use and copyright information

Copyright of material

Unless otherwise specified, DinDini holds the copyright © of all materials on the site dindini.it and apps connected. Materials may not be used without prior written permission of DinDini or third parties involved in the design of the Web site.

Terms of use of DinDini

DinDini provides the Web sites and apps for your personal use. You can download the materials on the Web sites for personal, noncommercial use provided that information relating to copyright and other proprietary rights on the materials are preserved.

You can also quote some lines of text found in the DinDini Web sites without specific authorization. In doing so, it is understood that you will need to specify that the text comes from DinDini and that the quote can not be extrapolated and used out of context or in a way that can be misunderstood.

Furthermore, although this is not a mandatory condition in case of quotation cited by DinDini Web sites, we ask you to place a link to the DinDini web page from which drew the quote.

You are not authorized to distribute, modify, publish, reuse, repost, or use in any other way the contents of the websites for public or commercial purposes without the prior written permission of DinDini. This condition is valid for texts, photos, audio content, design, graphics and logos.

The content provided by user

We invite you to participate in the discussions taking place in various online media, such as DinDini Facebook page, etc.

The information provided by you or sent to DinDini are DinDini property and do not provide any compensation to you. This condition is valid for posts, comments, questions, e-mail or other information you provide or post.

DinDini è libera di utilizzare in qualsiasi modo le idee, la conoscenza, i metodi o le invenzioni contenuti nelle informazioni da te fornite o inviate.

If you want the content you send are deleted or modified, we should not have problems to agree to your request. However, we reserve the right not to do so.

Printed materials

The contents defined as "Press release" can be used in public communications if the source of the information is reported.

Changes in the content of our Web sites

Content on DinDini's websites will be changed or updated regularly and without notice. If you quote from or link to our websites, be aware that the content you quote or link to might change in the future.

Links to third party websites

We provide links to third party websites we deem relevant. Of course DinDini can not be held responsible for third party websites or their content. We therefore comply with the conditions of use and copyright information provided by the owner of the Web site by third parties.

The presence of links to third party websites does not automatically imply that DinDini approves third-party websites, their content and their products.

Limited responsability

The dindini.it contents are provided solely for your personal use. All contents of the Web site are provided in the state in which they are located, without any warranty, express or implied.

DinDini can not be held liable for any loss or damage, direct, indirect or secondary as a result of access or use the Web sites.

Similarly, DinDini assumes no responsibility and can not be held liable for damages or viruses that may manifest itself in your computer equipment or other property and that are arising from accessing or using the Web sites or by the transfer of materials, data, text, photographs or audio content from these Web sites or originating therefrom.

Changes and updates

DinDini may decide to change these terms and these copyright information at any time.